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What CBD product should I get?

What CBD product should I get?

Whether you're new to CBD or an experienced connoisseur, it's tricky to know what product will work best for you. The FDA is pretty restrictive about what cannabis companies can and can't say, so recommendations tend to be vague and anecdotal. Personal preference is key in the CBD world, and because the science is still evolving, we don't always understand why CBD products seem to work better for some people than others. But if you need help getting started, look no further! This guide will help you make sense of our product catalog.


HDP CBD vs. Radlands?

HDP CBD is our signature line of tinctures and topicals; Radlands is our new creation designed specifically for adventure-takers and outdoors-lovers. Both product lines are made in-house by the High Desert Pure team with all the same high-quality CBD.

Initially, Radlands products lived on their own website, but now you can get 'em here!

For inquiring minds, yes, this means we technically have three product lines: High Desert Pure (our THC line, sold only in Oregon and California dispensaries), HDP CBD, and Radlands. We bow down to our inventory management guru!


Tinctures vs. topicals?

Tinctures are ingested, which means they enter your bloodstream. Topicals are applied, you know, topically, which means they do not penetrate your bloodstream. While we recommend topicals for localized and close-to-the-surface issues (think skin irritations, sore muscles, and achy bones), we recommend tinctures for full-body relaxation and relief.



We have tinctures available in three potencies: 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 5000 mg. If you've never taken a CBD tincture before, we recommend you take 10 - 20 mg of CBD twice a day for about a week to see if it works for you. From there, you can try doubling the dose. Of course, you could take really small doses of the 5000 mg tincture, or really large doses of the 1000 mg tincture, but if you're looking for smaller doses, get the 1000 mg tincture. If you want higher doses, get the stronger tincture.

The 1000 mg tincture is mint chocolate flavored. The 2000 mg tincture is completely unflavored. The 5000 mg tincture is toffee flavored. If you're particularly sensitive to the flavor of cannabis, go with the 1000 mg tincture (less cannabis = less flavor).



Balms, gels, lotions—where to start?

Balms, like the Eucalyptus Balm, the Koalaty Balm, and the Relief Stick, are smaller and more concentrated than a lotion. They're also less liquidy, which means they don't rub into your skin as easily. This means they're great if you want something with serious staying power. We tend to recommend these products for anyone dealing with localized pain or soreness.

Lotion is great for full-body relief. It rubs into your skin quickly and easily. Though you can use it for localized relief, you can also use it on your whole body.

We recommend using our Aloe Gel the same way you would use any standard aloe gel—on bug bites, sunburns, and tattoos.

Our Massage Oil is our most stripped-down recipe, which makes it great for super sensitive skin. It's great for backrubs, muscle massages, or as a lubricant for intimate use (though take care to note that as it's oil-based, it can degrade latex).

The Lip Balm is pretty self-explanatory. Use it on your lips! We love it for chapped and sunburned lips.

Our Rubber Duck Bait is a fizzy bath powder meant to supercharge your rest and recovery. We recommend it for skin discomforts and full-body relaxation.


You can check out our product recommendation quiz here for more guidance!

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