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As part of our commitment to transparency, we share our third party testing results with you. We don't inflate our cannabinoid numbers. Just check the batch number on your product and select it below to see the full data.


Aloe Gel: Batch 2308056-01 

Eucalyptus Balm: Batch 2309097-03

Lip Balm: Batch 2309097-01 | Batch 2304090-01RE1

Lotion: Batch 2306120-01 | Batch 2212081-01

Massage Oil: Batch P211136-02

Relief Stick: Batch 2304090-03RE1 


2000mg Recover: Lab ID 2310154-01

3500 mg Revive: Batch 2212081-03

5000 mg Revive: Lab ID 2310059-01

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