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All natural, full spectrum, THC-free goodness

Looking for our THC infused products?

Why Us?

HDP science

1. All Natural, Full Spectrum

Unlike companies that create products using distillate or isolate, our products always contain full spectrum extracts made with clean CO2. This provides a superior experience due to the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in our products.

HDP transparency

2. Transparency and Quality

We’re proud of our products, so much so that we put test results online for all of our products. We prove what others only claim. To see test results for any of our topicals, just visit our test page.

HDP local

3. We’re local

We’re family owned and operated, based in Bend, Oregon. Proceeds from sales stay right here in Oregon rather than wandering off to spend time under the mattress of a friendly Canadian investor.

About Us

High Desert Pure was founded by two tech-savvy families from Bend, Oregon in 2015. Our backgrounds? Computer programming and chemistry. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to geek out over the cannabis space. But once we started investigating, we got nervous. We saw concentrates full of additives and chemicals. Topicals with dismally low cannabinoid numbers. And we thought—yeah. We can do better. Ever since, we’ve been bringing unparalleled dedication to the craft of cannabis. And because we think the science of cannabis is so important—and fun!—we want to share it with you.