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~ Lotion
• 1500 mg of CBD extract
• 100 ml (3.5 fl oz) airless pump container
• Silky lotion with a ginger white tea scent
• Cruelty-free

~ Tincture
• 5000 mg of full-spectrum CBD
• Non-psychoactive cannabinoid, won’t get you high
• Toffee-flavored
• 50 mL (1.7 fl oz) bottle
• Dosing measurements on the dropper
• Cruelty-free
• Vegan

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~ Lotion
Our rich, hydrating lotion feels smooth to the touch and never leaves an oily residue behind. Lots of people use it as their everyday lotion for after-shower skin care.

Loaded with 1500 mg of CBD cannabinoids, this lotion combines the power of full-spectrum extract with silky hydration. The ginger white tea scent is refreshing and delicate. We include mango butter, shea butter, safflower oil, and a few other goodies to moisturize skin and fight free radicals without clogging pores. Available in an airless 100 ml (3.5 oz) bottle.

~ 5,000mg Tincture
Made for people who keep going and going. Made for you. Revive is our most potent tincture, made for anyone who needs strong, long-lasting relief. It has a subtle toffee flavor, and we think it tastes great in your morning coffee.

Maybe some folks like their tinctures with only a handful of cannabinoids. We’ve never met those folks. That’s why this supremely powerful tincture packs 5000 mg of CBD into a 50 mL bottle.


~ Lotion
Water, safflower oil, emulsifying wax, shea butter, mango butter, vegetable glycerin, full-spectrum hemp extract, niacinamide (vitamin B3), panthenol (vitamin B5), Germall Plus, vitamin E, calendula seed oil, arnica, fragrance oil, hydrolyzed rice protein

~ Tincture
Fractionated coconut oil, hemp extract, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, ethyl alcohol


~ Lotion
1) Apply to the effected area. Don't worry about using too much or too little—you can apply this the way you'd apply any normal lotion. You can either use on a localized area or your whole body.

2) Rub it in. Rub in the product gently. It should absorb quickly and smoothly.

3) Reapply as needed. We recommend using these products twice daily for a week to see the full effect.

~ Tincture
1) Measure your dose. Every person and body is different, but we generally recommend you start with between 0.5 and 1 dropper full of our CBD tincture. See how your body responds. If you feel little to no effect, you can increase this to a full dropper in the morning and another at night.

2) Drink up! You can either squirt the tincture directly into your mouth or add it to a drink of your choice. You can also take it sublingually, which is a fancy word for “under your tongue.” Just squirt the dropper underneath your tongue, hold the liquid there for one to three minutes, and swish it around before you swallow. This will allow some of the cannabinoids to absorb into your bloodstream more quickly and efficiently.

3) Experiment. You may feel an effect right away, but most people need to use their CBD tincture regularly (once or twice per day for about a week) before they notice any changes. After a week, we recommend you experiment with different dosages to see what works best for you!


View the latest lab test results here.

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