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Topical FAQs

How much of a topical should I use?

The good news: There’s no wrong answer. You won’t overdose on topicals.

If you’re keen for a step-by-step guide, though, do this:

1) Put a nickel-sized amount of topical (lotion, aloe gel, balm) on your skin. Rub it in. Use enough to go across the affected area, but not so much that you can’t rub it in.

2) Reapply mornings and evenings (or more, but twice a day is a good starting point).

3) Continue this regimen for at least five days. We find that topicals get more effective over sustained periods of use.

4) Experiment. Try using more. Try using less. Try using a different product, or using it on different parts of your body. Everyone will react slightly differently, so trust yourself and find what works best for you.

How long does it take for your topicals to start working?

It will vary from person to person, but effects will generally start to set in within 30 minutes. The closer the problem is to the surface of the skin, the more quickly you should notice relief. For deep pains it may take a bit longer. We recommend using the product every day for at least five days to allow the benefits to accumulate and reach their full potential!

But wait, I have more questions! Can I pester you?

By all means, please do!

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