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Here are some questions we’ve been asked a few times.

What's the difference between your CBD-only and THC-based topicals?

Neither will get you high.  However, CBD behaves a little differently than THC when used in a topical.  The relief seems to be cumulative, and we recommend using CBD topicals for a few days to allow the full potency to build up. THC-based topicals tend to provide rapid but short-lived relief.

If I use one of your topicals will I fail a drug test?

You will not fail a drug test if you are using just our topicals, since your skin protects your body from absorbing any THC into your bloodstream.   Even if you were to use our highest strength cannabis-infused lotion, you would not fail a drug test.

In a study by the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, three volunteers applied THC topicals every two to four hours over a period of three days. Researchers did not find cannabinoids in the blood or urine of any of the volunteers.

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